National Back To Church Sunday 2018 – You Belong Here

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MISCELLANEOUS MESSAGES – This is a collection of messages from various times throughout the year.  Many occurred on special occasions such as holidays, etc.
“NATIONAL BACK TO CHURCH SUNDAY 2018 – YOU BELONG HERE” was a message given at Grace Baptist Church that coincides with a nationwide event titled National Back to Church Sunday.  This event is held in September each year by over 10,000 churches across the United States to encourage regular attenders and members to invite every person in America back to church.  Our strategy at Grace is to make our church a “church that unchurched people love to attend”.  This year’s message was titled “You Belong Here”, was based on Titus 3:9-15, and focused on the four things that the close to Paul’s letter to Titus points out is common in every church.  Those four things were then used to point out why those in attendance belong in church, and in particular, at Grace Baptist Church.