Message # 1 – Imagine A Loving Father

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“I CAN ONLY IMAGINE” is a series that tells a story that many have needed to hear for a long time.  It is based on the recently released movie “I Can Only Imagine”, and that film is based on the true events which inspired the best-selling MercyMe song, which became the most played contemporary Christian song of all time.  However, the real focus of the film is the journey of MercyMe’s lead singer, Bart Millard, and his relationship with his father.  Bart’s father was a man so lost in pride, regret, and bitterness that he couldn’t forgive himself and in his pain, he almost destroyed everything.  This man was eventually forgiven by the child he beat and by the God he scorned.  It wasn’t too late for him.  This series used clips from the movie, along with famous stories from the Bible, to address many of the same lies for the people in our church that Bart struggled with during his lifetime, and as portrayed in the movie.